Grasp tight this island moment, for beyond its quiet shores,
A timeless empty silence and some thoughtless chaos war;
Like jealous brothers tussling, neither truly seeks success,
Emptiness grappling Chaos, Chaos gouging Emptiness.

Their accidental battlefields are shifting, torn, and tossed;
A Space stretched tight by Emptiness; Time twisted by Chaos.
But 'twixt these Titans' footsteps, wrapped in time-tight, space-filled shells
Drift fleeting isles of Order where both Mind and God may dwell.

Order's brief familiar tumbling of moment into moments
Confirms itself as ordered with bright newborn certainty,
Calling Knowledge and Hope --- Mind and God --- to burst forth.

These scions of Order, born of its reflection, separate;
Knowledge discovers the lurking shadows of Chaos and Emptiness;
Hope discovers the preciousness of each moment's respite.

In staving off those shadows, Knowledge discovers Action;
In holding tight each precious moment, Hope discovers Love

So when a child-mind questions, 'mid the empty chaos tossed:

``Why are we here?''

Speak to her quiet questing, lest her precious hope be lost:

``Because it is possible for us to be here.''

And when she then continues (making order as they do):

``Why am I here?''

Know and Teach your lessons, as they were taught to you:

``To know it is possible, to hope it is possible, to make it possible, and to love it possible.....''

Ken Haase
Cambridge, January 1985